marriage and spanking

Should your marriage have had this chat early on?
We never spanked our children, nor do they, as adults, know anything about our spanking activities.
thus, our children will have no idea that this has become the norm in our house (well the art work above, and only occasionally the art work below
but the fantasy of mother teaching daughter to spank her husband is very erotic and frequently repeated.
The images of an older woman spanking the man, with the younger woman watching and learning how

 or one friend showing the other how to spank her man
 and then the wife spanking him... are all fun ideas

I wish someone had this chat with Cindy so much sooner in our life together.

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Here is my Annual apology
Over the past few months I have posted some inappropriate pictures and jokes to friends who I thought shared the same sense of humor..
Unfortunately this wasn't the case and I seem to have upset quite a few people who have accused me of being sexist and shallow..
If you were one of these people, please accept my sincerest apologies.
Looking to 2018 I’ll only post or send e-mail with a cultural or educational  content such as old monuments, nature and other interesting topics.
Below is a picture of the Pont Newf Bridge in Paris . It is the oldest bridge in Paris and took 26 years to build. It was completed in 1604.


Happy New Year!!
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on the road again

Well, we are off for sunny skies, hot beaches, and pleasant cruising .for the next month.
The flight attendants are almost ready to greet us.
Who knows, I might take up surfing if someone like this offers to teach me.
We could go bike riding with friends
catch a musical performance or two
safe driving is our motto when we rent a car
but we do have our own form of travel insurance, if Cindy is displeased with my humor
making the above  joke would be ill advised
 and if I get a little argumentative
So, happy trails to you
until we meet again..

The blog will still have posts every second day, more or less, as I have scheduled a number of posts, but I doubt I will be able to authorize comments, and due to spammers, I cannot leave comments open.

 her response might be something like this
 and always remember
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The Forum: Disciplined Husbands and Disciplinary Wives

Another wonderful site for people to visit.

I highly recommend you visit. 

The Forum - Disciplined Husbands & Disciplinary Wives

A forum for Disciplined Husbands and Their Significant Others to Share regarding F/m Domestic Discipline and Female Led Relationships. No offense to our friends in the BDSM and Master-slave communities, but that's not really what this blog is about. This site is for adults only and includes adult content and themes. If you are not an adult or are offended by such material, please leave now.

The site is run by a friend of mine, Dan (a disciplined husband) , and it is an excellent place to read other people's experiences, and to share your real life experiences. 

When you visit, you will find well thought out discussion points, and many people who leave comments. 

Sadly, I do not comment on many  blogs, as I devote quite a lot of time to creating and keeping my blog alive and hopefully interesting.

The blog has many interesting topics, so you should take some time and delve into it's past topics, as the current post is number 234.

You will occasional art work, and captioned photos, plus a good sense of humor. Life is too short not to have fun.

This is better than visiting a spanking tumblr with pictures, as this is stimulation for the mind from real people. The mind is the best sexual stimulant there is.

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Protecting a man's health with frequent sex

Sometimes, medical information somehow does not reach most men and women.....

This  is worth reading...




fun spankings help raise the testosterone  levels,   

If you did NOT believe the above, try reading from Harvard Medical School..


Then google the topic, and have a real conversation with your partner....

The advantage of spanking with your partner is it makes you so much closer to your partner, in most cases.  We use it as foreplay, as a fun activity, as a way to solve problems or annoyances....

So, when you spank your man (or woman), you should be happy
 and remember

also, laugh, smile, do crazy things, and ALWAYS HAVE FUN...

I imagine this is Photoshopped, but could you imagine the fun in doing this at the Louvre.... A lifetime thrill for these young ladies....

    How many times have you scolded them in the back for various shenanigans, while driving? Because we all know kids squabbling in the back seat have a high probability to cause accidents. But now that I'm older, here's what I've discovered: Accidents in the back seat cause kids.

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Spanked by Their Wives Yahoo Group

Time for my yearly, or semi-annual shout out for a group you WILL find VERY INTERESTING.

If you are looking at my blog, then you have at least a casual interest in seeing if REAL PEOPLE actually are spanked, and maybe even more interested in if men are spanked by their wives.


I can assure you that some men are spanked by their wives, as by now you have read about me being spanked. Women are also spanked by their husbands, and you can see many links to both activities on the side panel.
(The above so aptly applies to me, as I asked many times for Cindy to spank me, before she ever agreed.)
(Cindy has stated this to me many times)

At this site, you will conversations from spanked men, and the women who spank them, plus many other ideas you may have not thought about.
(now, I never or hardly ever need to ask)

The captioned photos are a delight, and most are created by the owner/moderator of the site. I am remiss for not posting a link to his site from the photo, but I rarely do this. Time is precious, and keeping track of where anything came from is difficult.
These are just some of the wonderful captioned phots and art.

I highly recommend you join the site ( and say Red sent you)

As usual, you should , if you do not already have, set-up a fictitious email account, and use this for all communications.  No actual information about your name or where you live is needed.  However, I suggest you at least provide a few words as to why you are interested in joining. This group, (now in it’s 11th year) is completely SPAM free and the moderator makes a conscious effort to keep it that way.
Your desire to be spanked might be readily accepted
with reasons beyond your being entertained
 and very very soon

My actual comment is I wished we had started this the day we were married.

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Day Six of 12 spanks of Christmas

Sometimes I get flustered, and blurt out something I should not. Yesterday, was no exception, as Cindy was taking a while trying to find what she wanted on a menu, with the waitress waiting. It, in my humble opinion, would have been easy to explain what she wanted, and have the waitress show her where it was. 

The result: the next day we did Day 6 of the twelve spanks of Christmas, but each implement was used for 12 spanks (that's 72 spanks). Each was given strongly, as per our agreement. To begin however, I had to stand in the corner for about five minutes, facing the wall, to ponder my misbehavior, with my bare bottom on display. (phots shows a much nicer view of a woman, than if you saw me)

On day 5, Cindy had lamented she only had only 8 cane strokes io give, so We took another of Ronnie's Canes to be the first implement. This one is thicker, and was very effective. I was bare bottomed (obviously), and bent over a the waist, with my hands on the dresser for support, and my stomach muscles engaged. All were given close to each other, and WOW!!!

Next was over the knee, having first put Cindy's high heel shoes on her feet, to raise her knees. 
The leather heart shaped leather studded paddle, with the heart shaped hole in the middle, really makes the tip dance in between the cheeks.

With nary a rest, I had to hand Cindy the next implement that was resting on the floor beside me, the wooden bath brush. Obviously, I did not have this look of anger, but one more of submission.
There is a special emotion (hard to describe) of handing a implement to your spanker, with your bottom already on fire. (I will have to think about it to decide how to describe it... Do you have any suggestions on how to describe it?)

WOW, twelve hard spanks to the fattest part of my bottom cheeks, and now I was handing the short tawse while remaining over the knees. This bite strongly into my bottom, and into the butt crack occasionally. My feet were dancing throughout, and a tear or two had to be wiped away by me from one eye when handing one implement after another.

Now, it was quickly on to the bed, with two large pillows propping my bottom up for the next spanks.
We will be away for a month, so I am busy creating posts for every second day. One was watching the spank coming. I tried this with the long tawse, and I saw Cindy swinging with her arm bent at a 90 degree angle, her hand beside her ear, with the tawse handing down her back. Thus, it came with massive force, and I was bouncing and feet dancing.
I stopped looking after two spanks, just so I could savor the smallest of respites without seeing the impending spank.
Lastly, it was Ronnie's Teacher cane, with me on my knees upright on the chair, so that Cindy had all of my bottom to cane wherever she wanted.

My bottom was truly on fire when we finished, and is very sore today, the day after the spanking. 

We cuddled for quite some time, and then made very passionate love.

I am fortunate that I have not had two days in a row, except at the beginning, but that might not continue.

We have a standing lamp in the bedroom, and the implements with a leather loop on them hang in prominent display. The teacher's cane hangs on it's own accord because of its shape, and the bath brush rests on the spanking chair.

I can truly hear Cindy's words:
Most photos are of women, because they look nicer than any men I find in most spanking websites.
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