day 11 spanking

It has been more than a week since we continued the 12 days of Christmas spanking. This day 11 happened on January 15.
The first rule, if you ever try this, is 



Yesterday, we added the "Holy Terror" a wooden paddle whit multiple holes in it, which I purchased a long time ago from Aunt Kays DWC website. It is no longer available.

We had discussed in the morning that this could be day eleven, but Cindy would decide after she came home from going out with a friend. Fine, as I had football to watch,.

When Cindy arrived home, her first words with a smile from ear to ear was that " This is day eleven"..  She has always stated be careful what you wish for, and takes great deight in reminding me of this.

I have described previously, so will refrain today, except to say multiple positions were used for my bare bottom to be spanked... OTK (chair), bending at the waist (abs engaged), kneeling on a chair while upright (really allows quite significant bath brush spanks)on the bed with a pillow inderneath to raise my bottom. Cindy propped against the backboard of the bed with me prone otk...

We did not take a picture as it was dark and would have needed a flash. My bottom has been sore and stinging all day, and I feel it significantly while typing. Glad the chair is padded.

The only drawback is Cindy was quite disappointed only using a couple of implements for two spanks, or three, or four.

Why not give this a try..... I think you will  enjoy (????) it.

bottoms up
PS: the sex afterwards was amazingly outstanding.


when you arrive home

Sometimes, your  recent shenanigans lead to a quite certain future!
Your wife might be waiting at the stairs as you try to quietly tiptoe upstairs.
Possibly by the closet where you hang up your coat, you see a present is awaiting  your arrival
or quite possibly your wife actually greets you at the door
 bottoms up



gifs for today

Many people have the gift of being ale to create really good captions to add extra interest and excitement to a gif or photo.

and with a few, one can create a nice sequence of events
thus, when you have done wrong,
then you can expect little mercy
The above is a caning everyone would want to avoid (if it is actually real???)

but if this was Daenervs Targarven actually talking above a spanking ( Game of Thrones )
then this would be a more likely scenario
Only if the cane was being used poorly, would she then participate to show how it is to be used...

If you would like to see more of this type, be advised that some are extremely strong BDSM, beyond my taste of anything related to spanking gifs, but others are excellent.
The gifs came from

bottoms up


day ten of the 12 days of Christmas

All is back to normal! Family has gone back to their houses, and we return to a lifetime of leisurely retirement. Thus, day ten raised it's spanking head.

One of the goals of this for me was to permit Cindy to experiment, and to practice with each implement over many days.

Thus, foolish me, I chose the cane for day ten. In my defense, it had been almost a week since the last spanking.

Cindy used the cane quite well, and had me yelping. She was proud of a few lines that were on my bottom, but no where near 12 (fortunately for me).

All other implements were used, and different positions were used.
Cindy did surprise me with the heart shaped metal studded paddle, striking the top part of my bottom in a downward motion. This is a normally virgin white area, so these spanks were exceptionally able to have a lot of feet dancing and owwing.
The photos are with, and without a flash. This second one clearly shows the red high on my bottom, but done with leather. NEVER USE WOOD THAT HIGH!
Cindy used every implement with vigor, and the last few implements exceptionally so, as they had only a few spanks for each implement.PS: Cindy really loves this long tawse, and this photo could well be, but is not, her! Such a fun loving smile of satisfaction.

smiles for today

bottoms up


Ladies CONSENSUAL bottom tanning day

Wouldn't this be a delightful day for many readers, if we could make this a day celebrated globally.  Requirements might be a before and after photo

but some might then make her put her panties back on, simply to enjoy removing them for her
A hair brush is always a good selection to start with
As a gentleman, you should pause during the spanking to caress for both people's enjoyment

enjoy altering positions during the spanking
and alter implements for a different feel
dangling over the knee is excellent to encourage the feet to be dancing
and if you use the cane, make certain nice lines develop on her bottom
Thus, gentleman, enjoy the selection of position
and photographing the result
Fortunately, I have friends who remind me about Love Our Lurkers, so maybe someone might leave a comment about national spanking day.
This is simply a fun post, as many women spanking bloggers enjoy being spanked.
Next Wednesday I will propose a national men get spanked day.
bottoms up


adventurous tuesdays revisiting male submission

My method of keeping this blog active is to wander around tumblr sites, and save photos (some captioned) or gifs that I like, but I have yet to know how to save a video on a tumblr...
Thus, I am now trying to use or delete items that I have saved, because the folders abound with too many items
What are your limits
1. Have you used handcuffs?
2. ball gags?
3. Played with a riding crop?
4. Used a riding crop seriously? good acting, or actual?? Probably acting
5. been spanked with another female watching?

More scenarios next Tuesday...

My answers : 1. yes, two no but we have one   3. no, only on my bottom 4.  NO 5. Yes
and your extra smile for today

and when people my age get together!!!
bottoms up


thoughts on travel

So many wonderful places to visit in this world, but always be prepared
and have fun while you are there!
Example: who could pass up this sign and not take the implication as a challenge
Another favorite wold have to be
 and of course, you must give it the good old college try while there
and remember
you will have a successful eruption   Do not miss the exit

Basically, any road trip can be adventurous, it just depends on what route you take...  The views could be spectacular for women
and men enjoy shedding clothes in the wild

Certain roads have their own laws

but these photos are only for when parked

Travel can be adventurous
 have fun

However, on road trips we always take the bath brush and tawse, because Cindy can always advise me to find a quiet spot to stop in where we won't be disturbed

and most times of the year, you can also always find a switch or ten..
and afterwards, her reward for spanking you

I’m just sitting here thinking, if vampires can’t see their image in a mirror, then why do they always have the most immaculate hairdo? Not a single strand out of place. HUH? Answer me that.

bottoms up