implements for your pleasure

The title was going to be implement of pleasure, but  a typo had me correcting,and this title seemed more appropriate.

Now you can imagine these two women using the implements
 or maybe these ladies

maybe three delightful implements
and three men using them on their wives
We purchase these delightful paddles

not because they might be used in the kitchen
and not to brush our hair
and really, what else could this brush be used for???
or this delectable loopy johnny
at lease this paddle declares its real intention
and we willing adopt a submissive position in which to be spanked
and spanked well
so, as much as we may dislike while the spanks descend
any consensual spankee desires to be spanked
so enjoy the selection you have purchased, and find a new one for Christmas...You now have three months time to purchase that special something to be spanked with! 
I wonder if I could purchase any of these.
bottoms up
bottoms up 


visiting a mistress to be spanked

Danielle's husband john wrote to me of his experience in visiting a professional for a spanking. We are well acquainted with this couple, so I know that this experience actually happened. With their kind permission I am re-posting it for you to read.
This is an age play spanking that he receives.

Hi Red,

A couple of days ago I visited a strict Mistress in the Region. I know you have nothing with children and spanking but the session was in the fifties you know. Then those things happened and I was eager to go back in time.

On the net I saw a message on her website
I am a strict mistress and dealing with naughty adult schoolboys. My favorite activity is to punish naughty boys by laying them over my knee for a sound hand spanking
Punishment is also possible with the hairbrush or with the cane on your bare ass. I  have gathered a large collection of castigation objects which I will gladly use for different purposes. The sessions are in an old-fashioned schoolroom.
After a bit of a search on the net, I decided this would be a reliable lady. I was in for the experience....

There was some mailing, the site told most things, but nothing about the fee of this private school. She told me it would be 160 euros for a session of an hour.Talking before and after on the house. There would be a place in two days.. I had to confirm on the mail this day and by telephone two hours in advance. Then I would hear the place to be.

I was very nervous on the day and I had to use the bathroom several times.Then I called Mistress. She told me where the studio was. She also has a BDSM studio to make ends meet.

Without much trouble I found the school. Mistress opened the door and invited me to come in. Before I had told her some things about my experience with spanking and how regretfully a lot of spanking ended due to health problems of my wife. She preferred to see me en culotte. I had anticipated this and took one with me.
Then school was open, it was on top of the BDSM apartment. I had to pass a narrow stairs. Then I was in the classroom and the headmistress was waiting.

She was dressed in old-fashioned black cloths and looked very strict. The issue was something that had happened in real life. A girl was teasing me several times in a nasty way and at last I gave her good kick she would never forget and I think she did. I got away with this then.

Mistress told me that was not the way to settle things and she told me she would teach me a lesson I would never forget. She took place on a chair probably used for spanking naughty boys and she ordered me bare bottom over her knee. The spanking started with force and I felt very humble.
She continued talking about my behavior and oh my she then ordered me over a spanking horse. A lot of nasty implements were used on my bare bottom interrupted several times According to mistress this was to prevent flowing the bloodstream to my head and to promote the streams downwards to my castigated bottom.
She talked again about my behavior and asked what I was going to do now. I didn't know what to answer, so embarrassed I was.
She thought however I needed another lesson: over her knee, now with a hairbrush.
To end it was over the horse again for a good couple of slaps with a paddle with holes.
Looking in the mirror I saw that my bum was completely on fire no centimeter uncovered and there were only some welts and blue spots.
We did some after talking and Mistress told me drawing blood would be the end of sessions and therefore her way of spanking was to use a lot of different tools and to prevent the swing of the tip of the cane or tawse. She had been educated in England as a disciplinarian.
She liked the experience and invited me to come if I felt the same. Accompanied by partner, no problem. Looks would be more fun

A miracle seems to have happened. A couple of week ago I went through my back and problems didn't disappear. Amazingly after the spanking and now two days later they are gone.
Danielle says, I was going to be a bit of grumpy old man and now I look much younger. So that's  a bonus too.

Greetings to you and Mistress Cindy. If you weren't so far away  I would gladly make an appointment with Mistress Cindy. Do you think she can play a schoolmistress ?

Unfortunately, Mistress Cindy only desires to spank me. That is obviously her decision to make. I was very fortunate that Danielle was willing to spank me!
A little tidbit of information from long ago, if you are still reading. Danielle and I communicated a long time ago, when John first suggested spanking, and had started to spank her. She found my blog, and talked about her spanking John, and with numerous letters back and forth, and Danielle talking with Cindy (the only person Cindy has ever chatted with about spanking me [to my knowledge]), Danielle began spanking John. From then on, it has been almost exclusively Danielle spanking John.
I totally agree with this unknown Mistress, who spanks to have a fire engine red, but no blood. Maybe a welt or two from a cane, but the overall spanking is done slowly, permitting the body to recover, and accept more punishment. Also,not being bent over too long to prevent blood rushing to the head, or difficulties with the back or... The spanking happens on the BOTTOM, and the back of the tops of the legs.

As you are someone I know, would the mistress like me to put a link to her website, if she has one. Possibly you will get a discounted spanking if others visit her after I post the link, based on your recommendation. 

I also feel excellent after being spanked. it relieves every bit of tension in my body and in my brain.

Thanks for writing John. I hoe my addition of pictures is acceptable to you. None of the pictures are of John, nor of the Mistress.

bottoms up


that moment of being bared

Some people are very imaginative
with humor, or inputting together composite photos, so if anyone knows who first made this, please send me the link.
The view of the spanker depends on the chair that they are sitting on, 
but a drop of the eyes has you fully exposed to the spanker.
So the questions are:

Do you bare your own bottom when requested?

If  your bottom is bared for you, are you facing the spanker?
facing away from the spanker.. you rarely see these type photos

or already over the knee or some object (chair, table, etc)? 
Rarely has Cindy ever started a spanking with my underwear up..., and almost always I am told to bare my bottom.

bottoms up


Cindy spanks for real (and real fun)

We go through little droughts, and I tend to get anxious the longer it has been since I was spanked.

Do you have the same droughts and possibly the same feelings of anxiety? Some of my anxiety is simply that as much as I want to be spanked, i also feel anxious about the actual spanking. A dumb dilemma!

Yesterday solved all of my anxiety, becoming once again a well spanked and contented husband. I had stated a couple of days ago to Cindy that I needed to be spanked, and after stating that, the anxiety of being spanked set in.

Cindy stated that I think it is time I spank you!  A simple sentence! It certainly gets your heart beating a bit faster, and lately, my erection returns instantly on the immediacy of the spanking.

Cindy decided that she wanted me bent over the sofa, in the television room, and that I should get the long tawse, and the cane. I retrieved the long tawse, but could not find the cane or the carpet beater. We had a guest staying with us recently, so I thought I should put these in a safer place than normal, not that they would have ever been found where they were, but I have now forgotten where! I have always been forgetful, so now I will have do a search to find them.

Instead of the cane, it was decided to be the miniature hurley stick

Positioned at the end of the sofa, bending bare bottom over the back of the sofa, Cindy was really able to deliver long swinging hard strokes,. I was grimacing and yelping with many of the strokes, as Cindy spanked away with enthusiasm. I was soon up on my toes, unknowingly, as maybe this makes the bottom a tiny bit less stretched.

The previous time Cindy used this long tawse,it was not very effective. Now that Mistress Cindy has visited our house, this long tawse was VERY EFFECTIVE! Swung with a passion, the two fingers of the tawse separate, making two BITING strokes at the same time.

Cindy realized that the furthest cheek was receiving most of the spanking, so simply spanked the closest cheek for a while. This meant that the ends of the tawse were landing on the cheek or crack, causing me to dance and wriggle while maintaining my position.

There was a reason for the spanking, and Cindy explained it while taking little pauses in the spanking.
I can assure that the tawse was striking with much more force than in the following gif.
When Cindy stated that I could get up, i immediately thanked her, only to hear:

Oops, I forgot Miss Hurley, so lets just have you bend over again. Miss Hurley is wooden, and has arc capability, and really delivers a solid spank. She visited my bottom on the fattest part, giving significant spanks, while Cindy mentioned I think Danielle would be very happy that I am using this.

After maybe fifteen to twenty spanks, I was informed that the spanking was over. i again thanked Cindy,  and was permitted to look in the mirror, to see one part of my bottom a bright bright red. My bottom is still quite sore while I sit and type this posting more than 24 hours later.

We then hugged, kissed, and Cindy remarked about the only bad thing of spanking you is that your erection disappears. My response is that it is proof of your effectiveness in spanking me, but with encouragement,, it will arise once again.

We then moved from kissing to making love, and we both had the most excellent roaring orgasms. It is simply amazing that being over 60 (quite a bit), we have such amazing fantastic sex. This time was orally, where eventually Cindy concentrated on my orgasm,

We then french kissed, and Cindy shared my cum with her! I am quite used to it, and it tastes really nice. Think about it, if you want your partner to keep sucking and licking while you climax in her mouth, what is good for her to taste is equally good for you to taste. mixed with Cindy's .

Then I hungrily concentrated on her orgasm..
 Have fun. Be spanked often. Make love even more often!
bottoms up


the thrill of the nylon (adventurous Tuesdays)

Numerous readers over the past years have described their love of dominant women who are wearing nylon stockings or pantyhose.

Thus, I thought I would give people an opportunity to weigh in on the topic.

 A woman wearing nylons and high heels is super erotic, so I can see the attraction to add this feature to you being spanked.
Add to this the obvious that you are bare bottomed or naked, and she is still fully clothed in many instances.
Your maleness will either be trapped between her nylon clad knees, or rubbing on top of her nylon knees.

Another dimension I never thought of, until I found this next photo on a  tumblr,: 
a grown woman (Miss Gregory in this instance) having her pantyhose taken down with her panties, and they trapping her legs making it harder to kick as needed, being spanked.
All dressed up to go out, skirt, blouse, pantyhose, high heel shoes,makeup, and the being spanked. Wonder if Ronnie, Hermione, or Jan or Bonnie have ever had this happen.
The lap awaits you

The idea is hot, erotic, and fosters your submissiveness.
Imagine that your wife is ready for an evening out, and you still have to change to get ready. She decides that you might as well be naked for your spanking. while she is wearing a very sexy little black dress. WOW!!!

The delicious view before the  spanking
or the dreaded view from behind as you meekly climb the stairs behind your loved one, for a date with that wicked tawse.

Have you ever been spanked, possibly over the knee, with your partner wearing nylons?

Do you think you are going to suggest this to her?

bottoms up


A trip to the woodshed

A tale from olden times, when this might have been a regular occurrence, but nowadays, no woodsheds exist in most people's home...
The worried look, awaiting her husband to arrive home, and take her to the woodshed for her behavior, as he stated in his one word text... WOODSHED!
 Somewhat younger than her husband, she had liked his old-fashioned ideas of chivalry and good taste
Accepting that she needed to be spanked when she misbehaved
did not make it any easier to lower her pants
and panties to be spanked
The strap that he kept in the woodshed was frightful
and he always used it very very efffectively
such that sitting later would need a pillow, if he permitted it
 That darn strap certainly makes me holler
 A fun selection of pictures for your entertainment... Nowadays, the same woodshed exists when you follow your partner upstairs to the bedroom to be spanked
or you see her coming downstairs to spank you
 or simply you are called to come visit her in another room, to discover her waiting to spank you!

bottoms up
and just like some woman marry older men, some women marry younger men, who also benefit from a  trip tot he woodshed!

What is your normal room to be spanked in?

Are you called to come to that room, 

lead to that room, 

or sent there to wait for your spanking?