caption foretells your future

Easy post to stimulate the imagination
It is best to do as you are told, as so many different men have commented
The spanking will only be stronger and longer if you delay the INEVITABLE!
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F/M pictures and site to visit

Spanking tumblrs are everywhere!
 and just like the lady above, waiting for you to visualize
 your bottom being spanked
 by a variety of women
Even better, when the woman is smiling and enjoying spanking you!!!
so here is another site with excellent photos for you to visit

and of course, there are also f/f and m/f photos
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sharing your semen sexually (adventurous tuesdays)

the challenge, or should I say the oppportunity
I came across the following gifs, which seem very interesting..
alternatively: first you orally make certain your wife has an orgasm

then you both enjoy fucking

You climax, and your wife scoots off your cock quickly to sit on your face

and then you get to taste and share your cum with her juices

and hopefully she might climax again

We have never tried this, but Cindy has given me a blowjob, and then immediately deep french kissed me sharing my semen. It was delicious.  I have previously orally pleased my wife after climaxing inside her numerous times. We highly recommend it!

A poll for you!

tasting your semen

have you ever tasted your semen

Yes, when alone
yes, with my wife sharing it orally with me
yes, with my wife sharing it from her pussy with me
all of the above yes answers is true
 Current Results

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your smiles for today

Just to give you a little smile today

Your thoughts about being spanked...
love   hate might depend on which side of the brush you are currently on
 experiment, you BOTH might LOVE IT
 thought for the day
remember to think big
 and relax
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regular spankings

First the expression: 
then she waits happily with anticipation
 but do not keep her waiting too long
the happiness can begin to sour
 the fake smile might emerge
but soon she is happy again, albeit in a stronger spanking position than you anticipated
 and she is absolutely radiant with glee as you offer her your bottom again later that evening
enjoy life
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captioned spanking thoughts

The thought
no choice available except
you see the brush
you see her pick it up and carry it to the bedroom
It seems to grow in her hand when she is seated on her chair waiting to spank your bottom
and your bottom feels too large as it is being spanked
Enjoy Life
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Spanking Captions to live by

Some captions are extremely meaningful in building a wonderful loving and spanking relationship.
 and the reason
 so expect to be spanked in multiple positions
 clearly establishing the following fact that although you may be a strong alpha male
you need to be spanked regularly
Holding your sore bottom afterwards may be permitted (if you are lucky)
bottoms up
and your smile for today


the ladies are waiting for you

There are so many photos of women holding spanking implements, that it is amazing!
whereas this long handle bath brushlooks almost charming, but certainly as deadly effective
 a chair for you to bend over while the "attitude adjuster" does it's magic
 how about a professional arriving at your place with aholey wooden paddle
and the wooden hair brush resting on the chair will soon be used on your bottom
before this woman is finished, you wil be hollerin much more than OUCH
so, do not annoy her more slowly removing your pants
because that look of wonder about how this wooden paddle will light up your bottom
 and remember, the older the woman, the more experienced she has in spanking you
 whether you are female
 or male
that bottom will be fire engine red
My amazement that so many photos exist, which mean so many people purchasing access to spanking sites.
and your smile for today
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