love our lurkers Nov 17 and 18

As you have seen on numerous  spanking blogs, we are asking people who may not have added a comment to the post to consider leaving one today or tomorrow.

The idea in my mind is to give you a little nudge towards sharing the reality of spankings that might be in your life. (As always, this blog is for those 18 and over, and if you are younger, please leave and do something more exciting than reading blogs.)

Writing a blog has helped me connect with similar minded people, and seeing their normal every day life, with a little spanking to add some extra spice. Most women and men spanking bloggers are spanked, and enjoy it, although not necessarily while the spanking is occurring. Women, however, are more willing to share their everyday thoughts and adventures, which is great to read. Somehow, I am shy about writing that, but not about writing about my spankings.

If you visit a blog occasionally, PLEASE leave a short message thanking the person for their efforts, even if you are not currently in a spanking relationship.

I  am uncertain whose drawing this is, but if they would let me know I will link to their site, or remove it if they desire it to be removed.

I imagine the shyness is not wanting anyone who is not into spanking to know about our lifestyle. Having met so many people in my life's work, and in officiating, I do NOT want any of them to know.

Thus, I always recommend: to anyone who might be leaving a comment to:
create a secondary email account, from a site that you never use except for spanking related messages,
do not use any data that is real when creating that account,
never save a user name or password on your computer for this account
and always use a specific browser that you normally do not use, and use it incognito if possible.
with the prevalence of computers on your phone, this becomes more troublesome, so maybe turn off the suggestion mode so that accidently someone does not see what pops up.

You can always post as anonymous, but with fiction writers using anonymous, your comment might not appear, unless it rings true... One unfortunate person keeps wanting to write about his fantasies, instead of going out and living life.

and always smile

I believe a list of spanking bloggers that are posting  "love our Lurkers" can be found on Hermione's blog         http://hermionesheart.blogspot.com

 enjoy life
 and remember
bottoms up


this will worry a man

When you walk into your house, and your wife is there waiting for you....
whether she is siting
or perched on the end of a table
 Your fate is sealed
and a long tawse used to spank you is a very daunting spanking. I know from experience.

bottoms up



thought for the day

Whether male or female, if you are reading this blog...
as for me,
 if she read this post, her answer might be this
or this
 now, do you still think that was amusing
is this possibly changing your mind
well, she is satisfied with her work
bottoms up


why she was spanked

Ever wonder why, if you see a woman walking and holding her booty
Is this what had happened shortly before you saw her
 Could this be the reason
Seems like a good  reason to me.



four horse

Never call your wife four horse....

A man asked an American Indian what was his wife's name.

He replied, "She called Four Horse". 

The man said, "That's an unusual name for your wife.
What does it mean?"             

The Old Indian answered, "It old Indian Name. It mean,

...........NAG, NAG, NAG, NAG!"
so little communication is needed after the joke..


and now she is happy.
bottoms up


Say it out loud

I would, if Cindy asked!
 Actually, I probably have stated it many times
One would not bare your bottom to be spanked, or tawsed, or caned, if you were not a submissive!  this photo states it all


However, their are degrees of being submissive, as yesterday's post showed.

How submissive are you, to your partner's fantasies becoming reality?

bottoms up



adventurous tuesdays - same sex

Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex, romantically?
Many men, myself included, find it erotic to watch two women kissing, and making love, as do a few/some/many women. (I have never known, as men will talk things freely  with their buddies, but women are never in the conversation, and it is difficult question to ask a group of women.. 
A interesting phrasing of an offer
The thought of Bettie and Veronica is fun 
a interesting idea...
Here, Veronica is taking the lead!
I imagine the danger of taking the first step is frightening
however, the outcome is predictable  if both parties are willing
Sometimes, one wishes they had known more earlier in life... such that in my case , I would have been submissive much earlier... and maybe, just maybe, I might have explored a same sex affair.

If you could go back in time, would you have explored a same sex affair?

All I can say is...
 If  this was your partners fantasy, would you agree
 would you agree if she just was with another woman
or would she agree if you were just with another man....

Would you agree if she wanted a threesome... with another man, or with another woman..

So many tumblrs,
so many thoughts!!!! 
Thoughts that were fantasy
but any and every imaginable situation can now be found on tumblr with pictures of real people.

We have never had a threesome, and have no plans to ever have a threesome.

any response from readers?

bottoms up



Gretchen part 2

Further conversations...  with thoughts about being spanked, which I believe are very similar to many spankees, myself included.

Good morning Red,

very much for your friendly message 😊

Well, spanking - not only the pain - is quite essential for my life, for my emotional balance and simply: for my happiness. I am lucky enough that I have met - after many years of frustrating attempts - the perfect spanking partner who is not only the driving power behind my spankings but primarily my emotional rescue and (!) husband ... Hope you understand what I want to tell.

Anyway, I do enjoy it a lot - I get it usually twice a week - without a regular plan or so. Sometimes, it's quick and just the spanking. I have to spend my day with a stinging bum. And with more time and/or preparation, it is a sheer feast of spanking, love and exploding orgasms - it drives me mad and I'm loosing control of myself (at least for a while...).

Again, don't worry with 'permission' - If I allow (and foster it)
that my pix are floating around on the net, because it turns me on knowing that people get excited about then I won't argue about: Did you ask for permission? Please feel free to enhance your stories - I become proud if you like them.

No, I have no clue about the 'Lausboy' blog - it seems FM oriented, doesn't it?! My tumblr blog is called  http://lausberger.tumblr.com/ - it is 75% MF spanking / 15 % FM spanking / 10% SM related naughty nastiness - please don't count the shares if I am right ;-) Although my interests are more in the field of MF spanking (where I am the 'poor' trashed female rear) - I do like to watch male's asses get on fire accompanied with your kinky stories and writings.

I would be quite happy to provide you with European travel recommendations 

Again some more pix depicting the result of a spanking, all personal (some cute, some embarrassing) - I wish you a relaxed and wonderful weekend - cheers and baci

Gretchen's tumblr is  http://lausberger.tumblr.com/

Enjoy visiting her tumblr!

Aside: When you write to me, you can use your real name if you choose, BUT
Hi ....

I just need confirmation about posting using your name ...., when I publicize your tumblr..... I believe I should make a fictitious first name, ...

I will not post anything about the city or country... unless you say that is also okay. The problem I see is that using your real name  will remove your privacy, and people will know who you are.  

so, I intend to make a new name for you.

IS this okay....

Maybe you can suggest a false name I can use, that amuse you...

bottoms up

My friend,

just a quick answer - very much thx for your thoughtful hint! You know more than me ;-) 

Just call me Gretchen - the Austrian-German blonde girl as the archetype :) - I am from Europe - that should be sufficient.

Again - thx for your friendly suggestion


A beautifully well spanked bottom, and part of a just reward for the spanker and spankee.

bottoms up

Life is so much better than fantasy.