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Here is a cute little solution to having  a dry throat!It definitively made me smile... and was sent by a friend to me.

The link should work, but here is the full link...

Now, imagine... that that these two women are then spanked later the same day
First the baring
then the presentation of the bottoms to be spanked
the spanking
and looking at how red their bottoms are...
enjoy life.....spank often
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Spanked people are happy people

Thought I would give you a little collection of  photos of people smiling while displaying their reddened bottom..
It goes without saying, but I am saying it anyways, that these photos are of paid spanking models

as most of us do not post our faces on the spanking internet scene
but it does bring to the forefront that many spanking situations
are consensual
and requested by the spankee
so why not be happy after you have been spanked! I am
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spanking gifs

Just a little fun gifs for today, knowing that all are actors (and with this first gif, wouldn't we wish we had the looks and talent to have gone into acting, to be paid to do this scene) This is such a wonderful sensual scene as the woman slowly bares her bottom.
Safe. Sane. Consensual.
I wonder how many takes it took to get this correct... i hope many re-takes
mmm want
This definitively looks non-consensual, but the surroundings and quality of the video means two actors being paid, and I love how she is not wearing panties, and stays in place.... however, if you look carefully, it is a man being spanked!
I might struggle a little… just to make it fun
and this last one takes talent, to be spanked and stay in place, without any teeth as the spank arrives...
I love it when you spank me while I suck you and that it vibrates your cock when I scream while its in my mouth
so, an interesting potpourri of spanking gifs to enhance your spanking dreams
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The good wife

a good wife always helps solve any of your problems.....
 whether by hand
or one hand to spank and the added benefit of pinching the other cheek to 
however, some behavior takes firmer methods
 so, for your safety, do learn to behave
it only gets harder the more annoyed she is
but do remember
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The weather is improving

I do not know where youlive, but enjoy the weather as it improves a little everyday, unless you live in the southern hemisphere, and fall is approaching
So here are some activities you might try, like making use of that picnic table when needed
I might suggest that their are always four women to every man who enjoys being spanked
 just by the number of spanked bloggers that are female
but remember that when he misbehaves, and he always will misbehave at some time, give his friends a wee lark by spanking him on the spot
other ideas could be going for a walk
 just have fun
maybe go watch some beach volleyball
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Dr. Who spanks

A little spanking love pat

was included in the previous season  Christmas special
now, giving Jenna Colman's bottom a fun spank, might cause me to be flustered enough
that it would take many re-takes of the scene to get it right... and she exudes the personality that would appreciate re-takes.
I found this at the following blog


and I recommend you visit this site on it's own
It has lots of vintage and current spanking posts, and this site has a numb er of sites that you can also visit...
such as
where you can see the beautiful Clare Fonda
 being spanked
 and then her panties being lowered (yum)
and the spanking continuing

ps: only 214 drafts left to check
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The Care and keeping of a frequently spanked bottom

I find different sites that interest me, or a topic that I think is useful, and quickly save the link in a draft.

The problem is that I now have 216 drafts, which I am starting to look at!
One such topic is as titled " The care and keeping of a frequently spanked bottom.

You can find excellent information on Alex's site, by clickng the link above.
Just like your hands and face get dry in winter, if you live in the northern USA, your bottom needs tending to recover from being spanked.... So thatit will be nice and fresh for your next spanking...

Thanks Alex for some good advice.... and I hope in advance for permitting me to post three pictures from your blog.(and now I only have 215 drafts left)

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next day, more spankings

Cindy was upset about one item I had did, and although apologizing, I suggested that as we had little time before going out, she should use something extremely effective for a limited amount of spanks.

Foolishly, I retrieved "the magnastrap" which we had purchased from the DWC website. What a mistake. I reminded Cindy that this is really lethal, and suggested six spanks would be definitely effective.

Saying this, I bared my bottom, and bent over at the waist, with my hands on the bed.

WHAP!!! The owww was instantaneous from my mouth, and my body moved forward on its own, with my arms bending of their own volition. OWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I needed a little time to catch my breath, and then returned to the bent over position, offering my bottom to this evil implement.

WHAP!!!!!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWW! and my bottom was on fire..... and my mind was searching for ways to not receive any more spanks..., and I was leaning very far forward on the bed....

Meekly, I suggested maybe four would be enough, as I slowly moved my bottom back into position...

WHAP!!! My owwwws and wriggling and nearly landing on the bed, gave Cindy a really good idea of  how effective this implement was, and she was not swinging with strength. This evil implement has a mind of its own....

It took a little while before I moved back into position, and Cindy waited patiently, never suggesting that three spanks would be enough.....

WHAP!!!!! The spank echoed in my ears as I fell forward, almost being prone on the bed....  When I finally stood up, my bottom was not really showing red, as the pain and soreness was deep down inside me.

Maybe a few with the bath brush just to brighten your bottom...  meekly I said yes...

Over the knee, each spank with the bath brush had me howling, so maybe only about twelve to fifteen were given, and my bottom was on fire, more so than I can ever remember. I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and would have promised the moon if necessary.
Looking in the mirror, the bottom half was fire engine red, but no redness on the top.
To solve this, standing upright with bare bottom, two more with the magnastrap to the top half of my bottom, which soon displayed two fire engine wide strap  marks.

I believe Cindy was quite happy with the results, and we have both seen that very little time is needed to apply a severe spanking quickly.

My bottom is still quite sore today, more than 24 hours later.
That evening we made love, and it was absolutely as fabulous as the spanking had been severe!

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more effective spanking

We have had a little talk, and although many will believe this to be topping from the bottom, I tend to think of it as two rational people talking about making spankings more effective.
Cindy has been spanking far less, and actually being spanked more than ever before, but still not very often. Thus, we re-visited the topic, as to the benefits of giving an effective spanking if Cindy wants some behavior changed.Cindy also re-iterated that she did not want to hurt me, but I replied that it is a momentary pain, that when stopped leaves a sore bottom, but a well loved feeling to compensate, and also a problem has been solved, making our life happier!

Simply being upset about something in the kitchen, and having me bare my bottom, and deliver five spanks with a wooden implement, is insufficient. It neither mollifies Cindy, nor is remembered by me a few minutes later. Thus, if it is worth spanking, then do a fair number of spanks until Cindy sees the reaction from me that the spanks are being effective! Effective would be that a significant part of my bottom is red, that either I am owwwing or squirming or moving my bottom trying in vain to get it out of the direct line of fire, and maybe even shifting the weight from one foot to the other.

Yesterday, Cindy followed through, and my bottom was on fire by the time she stopped. When she finished, I thanked her, and she smiled, with a Cheshire cat type of smile, showing she was happy with the spanking she had given.

I will keep you informed as to how things develop, but I have the strong feeling that minor differences of opinions are gong to be settled with my having  a red or very red bottom.

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sixties curriculum for girls in the UK

Well, I don't know if this is fictional for fun, or factual (for hilarity)....

Can you even imagine this being true.
Definitely not Cindy's lifestyle!
I certainly prefer the modern woman
 who have a take charge attitude

and many women are willing to follow through when necessary.
with multiple implements
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