What does he need for Christmas

Your wife is looking to see what special gift to buy you this Christmas!
 and dreaming of really giving you a heart warming (and bottom warming time this Christmas)
 and remember
Happy Christmas shopping
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adventurous tuesdays: keep calm it's only a ball gag

This post is to ask any and all readers to express their opinions on ball gags, and also to illuminate me and everyone on how you work them into your play sessions
The idea of your partner saying: "I think I might need to stifle your noises during this spanking" ias an amazing dominant / submissive concept.
Having her hold it out to you saying: "PUT THIS ON" could really notch up the worry of what is in store.
I found the following sequence of a woman that is enthralling
first place it around your neck like a necklace
now, open your mouth and place it in your mouth.. it feels strange
you can imagine the other person saying: "Now look at me" and the fear starts to build
This is a KIND dominant, as you are being allowed a breathable ball
The worry builds in the eyes and the expression on the face.. what is she going to pull out of her bag of toys / implements
but when she comes up and holds you tight, and whispers some of your worst fears, the worry turns to shock!
So, have you ever used ball gags. We haven't, but I purchased an inexpensive one in Amsterday for about 10 Euros, that is breathable.
Have fun
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are you permitted to rub

After a spanking, i am permitted to look in the mirror, and compliment Cindy on the excellent spanking she has given me!
As the saying goes: Momma did not raise any stupid kids, so I have never felt the urge  outside of a couple of times, to say : "just a few spanks more please!"
Now that DANIELLE has demonstrated a really significant but caring and long lasting after-effect spanking, I know I will be only hoping the spanking ends sooner than later.
 This beautiful young lady seems to be asking if she could now rub her bottom a little.
i am permitted to rub if i want, but never really have done that, but a little massage of the bottom is tenderly done.
whereas, this young lady has seemed to be informed that if her hand does not stop touching her bottom, an implement will commence once again touching her bottom.

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AMANDA (hopefully she will comment)

A while back, Amanda posted the following.  It is a very interesting, and I am certain many readers will enjoy it. However, as many readers may seldom look at comments, I thought it would be worthwhile to post about another couples spanking relationship.


  • "If a brush is left out my husband sees it when he comes home and knows I'll be using it soon.
  • Sometimes I'll make him get it for me and/or return it to our room afterward.
  • Sometimes i leave it out after using it as a constant reminder to him or to use it again.(keeps him guessing lol)
  • I have on a few occasions left it on a coffee table or counter deliberately when company was coming.
  • Once I casually picked it up as we were sitting around and said 
"Oh, honey can you bring this upstairs?

I think we're done with it for now." He did as I asked, and after a moment of silence I simply asked "would anyone like coffee?" Don't know if anyone thought twice about it."


Wow!!! What; a wonderful spanking relationship!
If Amanda ever reads this, more comments about their relationship would be wonderful to read
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last minute christmas shopping

How can you resist not purchasing something like this! It would be a wonderful conversation piece if you purchased one, and hung it in the kitchen!
Or if you are a little shy, why not purchase something like this, which is equally a wonderful conversation starter
However, most of us are much more closet spankers, so you might purchase this
but be certain to leave it on display in a room without a mirror, readily available for use.
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P.M. Davies art (being watched by others while you are spanked)

A simple post today, of some fun artwork.
Have you ever worried if someone else regularly enters your house without knocking, and they might see you being spanked?
 It is bad enough that your girlfriend spanks you, but must her roommate know (or is that her sister)
 If you misbehave in the front room, then you are spanked immediately, with no closing the curtains, and the neighbors will enjoy your comeuppance
 Did your mother-in-law encourage her daughter to spank you, and she wants to watch to make certain she spanks you hard enough and long enough
You once tried to get off your wife's lap during a spanking, that is no longer possible in all future spankings, with a leg lock and your hands being held
 Maybe you watched your brother being spanked by his wife, so she felt you should also be spanked as soon as she finished.
 ONCE< only once, your mother-in-law thought both you and your wife should be spanked.She spanked her first, and then has allowed her to be extra pleasured while she watches you being spanked.
so much fun art, so little time
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some Christmas thoughts

Santa better be careful
a naughty woman tries to delay Santa
so Santa tries to correct her
but he should know she has lots of friends
who blog and love to be spanked
so maybe Santa should be open to giving a person a chance to get back on the good side
another  woman, another chance
 but Mrs. Claus thought this was naughty, so Santa gets spanked when he is home
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on the road again

Just a short vacation this time, but remeber the blog is not monitored until we return.
And of course, cindy never leaves home without her hairbrush
and I am certain it will be used
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dangerous tuesdays

This is one for ONLY THE ADVENTUROUS (for certain)!

However, seeing their are many women bloggers who enjoy, or shall I say, LOVE BEING SPANKED, has anyone tried this, or are you willing to try this. If so, you might email this link to your partner, and then be certain to tell everyone of the adventure
Daddy, W/we NEED to do this. 

This next gif, I am certain has been done by at least some of the women who blog and enjoy being spanked. I believe both Ronnie and Hermione have blogged about it. Being spanked, with their clit well positioned on their partner's knee, and using their free hand to enhance the orgasm possibility.

Please tell us about the experience, or simply enjoy the pictures,
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crossed legs

Another interesting site you might like to visit is chock full of women, either VERY ANNOYED, or very happy, wearing a dress or skirt and having their legs crossed.
My all-time favorite, leaves nothing to the imagination: YOU WILL BE SPANKED!!! HARD!!!
 Sandra seems to be thinking what implement wil be best to make him really suffer?
Amy appears to be thinking to herself: what could he possibly have been thinking to do that! Boy,will he pay
ANNA: just wait until you get home with me , BUSTER!!!
and at home... that is right, get those three implements I told you to retrieve, and I am going to have great fun spanking your bottom
Anne bancroft never took any nonsense from her men, and you are no different
Britney seems to be thinking, you do this in public, I should spank you in public
 and Claudine seems to be saying: that's right, strip and bend over that chair for your spanking.
the site to visit is www.crossedlegs.tumblr.com
pleasant dreams
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