A collection of tawses for you to contemplate
 being used
on your bottom
 be good
bottoms up


you are about to be spanked

You have agreed that you should be spanked when you misbehave, but express fear that the neighbors might hear!
Noise problem solved, come here
let the spanking begin
your bottom is ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!
 slowly you are permitted to rise after being spanked
you hold onto your bottom, trying to will away the pain, as you are ordered to stop holding your bottom and to go stand in the corner immediately
tearfully, you go quickly to the corner

you no longer care if the neighbors  heard or not
bottoms up


the kitchen spoon

I think that everyone that spanks their partner
and possesses this cooking utensil at home
enjoy using it
and also showing it to the spankee with a smile before it is used
however, if bared and holding it, it is more dread that the holder  has knowing it is about to be used on her bottom
it can be used with effect in the kitchen

or the bedroom
or any room in the house
afterwards, any other member of the house can be warned what will happen to them if they misbehave
 even if mother is visiting the newlyweds
and this applies to the ladies as well
bottoms up


a really fun EYE OPENER

Well, this gif definitely got my attention. With so many visits to this blog, and only five regular commenters (Baxter, Archedone, J, L, and Ronnie), I feel I might branch out today with humor and an eye opener. (The blog averages over 5000 page loads a day, but many if not almost are are simple links to a photo or posting.

As W.C. Fields used to say, but updated

First, sit on the naughty spot chair, then over the knee for me!
bottoms up


have fun outdoors

A few photos to give you inspiration to spank whenever needed
she might pose for you cheekily
 so spank those cheeks
 He, however, can be bad anywhere
 so maybe come prepared for his misbehavvior
and this blog supports consensual f/m, m/f, f/f, and m/m spanking
so do not think to misbehave in male company if you are a male
 skirts are so wonderful, becasue they can so easily be raised
 but if you have a trusty paddle on a walk
it's purpose is a foregone conclusion
 just bare your bottom
 and stay in place until she is finished
bottoms up


fun at the beach

Rule number one: Always take a blanket with you when going to the beach.
You never know when you might need to spank someone, while you are still wearing your clothes...
However, if you forgot the blanket, do give the deserving person the spnaking anyways, and always on the bare
 just because you might be at a clothing optional beach
 Remembe rthat the paddle she holds has more than one purpose
 and the target will be aptly displayed
and a last thought.. is she running out of the water to spank you
bottoms up


how to stay happily married

This method is fool proof, if consensual....
Spank him often, and vary both the implements and his position, and his state of undress
completely Bare , kneeling, using a wooden paddle
 or completely naked, bending partially, with a leather paddle
 over the knee, bare from the waist down, with your hairbrush
 maybe he can keep0 his socks on, to emphasize his bare bottom receiving the cane
 only his underwear lowered, where he can still feel it around his thighs, while otherwise bare over the knee for a hand spanking
 The wooden bath brush works wonders "over the knee"
 just your look and the carpet beater has him very worried
 a clear ruler certainly makes it's effect known
 lastly, before you stop make certain his feet are kicking uncontrollably 
 it shows his approval of your spanking him
bottoms up