adventurous tuesdays (men as furniture)

You can find numerous photos showing men being posed as a submissive.
Men can be used to place the wine bottle and glass of wine on, while admiring art.

Possibly someone to sit on while putting on stockings 
 A piano bench is unavailable, use a man instead
 or someone to curl up upon while reading a good book
 Somewhere to sit while out in the countryside,, without getting your beautiful clothes dirty
 an exciting way to get a foot massage anyone?
 and the only way to surf the web is to have a soft face to lean against
However, the truly best use is a man rewarding the woman for the pleasure of being furniture
 even if she is studying
 so whether it is one special person you need to be comfortable
or many
enjoy the experience...
The only method we use is Cindy hovering and sometimes grinding over my face while I orally bring her to orgasm.

What have you ever tried?

bottoms up


never hide your desires

Many of us have hidden our desires to be spanked from our partners for many many years.

I did! 

Did You?

so do enjoy your spankings now that you have told your partner
 She certainly will, and she will be VERY EFFECTIVE
bototms up


when they won't stay put OTK

Sometimes a spanking OTK just gets too much for you to want to stay Over The Knee!
The solution is really easy!
this lady simply locks her legs together, with one leg trapped at mid thigh
Alternatively, one leg can be used to lock both of the spankee's legs
As you can see, even vintage  style photos had to deal with this difficulty, solved by the lowest leg being pinned, and the higher leg squarely over your thigh
Having hsi head under the table at the same time you control both legs is definitively effective
but the real mistress of spanking has his legs trapped at the knees, and his groin over her thigh, eliminating any attempt at escape...
and remember,
Thus, the problem has been solved, and the spanker can once again be smiling for a job well done
One last word on the topic, maybe a sterner approach is necessary to keep him in place
bottoms up


women waiting to spank you

The corollary of yesterday's post is necessary: you will be spanked
whether it is in the kitchen with a spatula or a spoon

 whether the bath brush is shown
or simply awaits
whether the woman is eager to spank you or down right determined

whether the hair brush or the slipper

or could it be the tawse that awaits
or the belt
or even a trip to the woodshed is your fate
maybe the flogger
 or a determined women with multiple implements

Maybe the riding crop
 and this look states you will be very sorry
 or maybe the paddle will be used at the bar by your partner who borrows it for immediate use
but that happy maiden waitress might enjoy spanking of your bottom
 just realize the lickin stick is going to work wonders
 and a leather paddle has it's own magic
and the cane will have you begging her to stop

enjoy the thoughts, before the reality stikes bottom
bottoms up


women waiting to be spanked

So many lovely bottoms on the internet
 in position
 some ladies watching you approach while maintaining position
 albeit with trepidation
 some meekly lowering their panties
 some resigned to trying to muffle the sounds of the smacks and their owwwing
 some using pillows to make their bottom be in the best position to be spanked
 some trying to distract you from your duty
 some resignedly with panties down
 face hidden for the camera, but their bottom is not hidden from the paddle
 they await the caress of the spanks
 sometimes happily
 sometimes resignedly
 but always beautiful
enjoy life
spank and be spanked often
bottoms up