spanking art wednesdays

Thought I would introduce a new feature to the blog....
Many of us, if we have had a life long love/hate relationship with spanking, grew up seeking out spanking art, as seeing real pictures were scarce to come by.
We could and can fantasize about what lead to  our being spanked
and how we unsuccessfully tried to escape while being spanked...

If you are fortunate, you now are able to experience the REAL THING
but at times, wishing you could escape
bottoms up


Your spanking

we are very glad some women think this way

You know your fate
 She sits down, SMILING,  waiting for you to present your bottom
expect your feet to be dancing
and that you may end up changing positions, but definitely eventually with your bottom bared
and finally you are forgiven
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vintage photo day

Thought you might like to see some old spanking photos
such a pretty woman, holding a paddle, wearing a short dress, and beckoning you!!! YUMMY!!!
Did the porter not do his job correctly?
Floggers were all the rage in photos
 as were canes
stockings are wonderful!
Masks for the shy!
 but wonderful to look at topless
The lady is happy, as you show trepidation at how far this cane can bend, and will whip into your bottom 
The lady may have aged, but the cane is still whippy
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spankings solve problems

We had a little problem today, when Cindy jokingly teased me, and I was quick with a quip in reply. Cindy didn't say anything, but I thought everything was fine. Later in the day, i found out that Cindy felt hurt by my reply.

When this came about, I apologized, but Cindy still felt bad. I suggested that she should spank me! She stated we did not have time with too many things to do, and I countered with retrieving the cane, and stating it would take less than a minute.I lowered my pants and underwear, and Stayed upright, as Cindy applied about 12 quick hard cane strokes that were effective.
We did a few things, but I could tell Cindy was still not happy, so I retrieved the heart shaped metal studded paddle, and asked her to use it until she was happy. Cindy spanked away, hard and fast, and by the time she stopped my bottom was red all over, and on fire. My bottom was redder than this, but this woman's looks far better than mine!
However, wee cuddled, I thanked her for spanking me, and all is well.

Spankings work

bottoms up


on the road again

We will be traveling once again, and as per usual, I WILL NOT look at this blog or emails while away. I only use one computer, and only use firefox on that computer for any spanking related topics. i do not save anything to the CLOUD, that I am aware of, and the computer is password protected. While away, I use a mobile device, so I do not ever want to chance the linking in the background of this blog and identity with my public accounts.

Spanking will have to be discreet, depending where we are!

There will be fun sites to visit, and interesting adventures to experience.  (fun outdoor event to watch)
and who knows what might happen... were they cutting switches also
I am certain Cindy will find places to be able to say:
and smile delightedly if I am enthusiastic...
but the look will convey the fact,  that instead of an over the knee spanking, she may pull out the strap for a more NO nonsense spanking

I have left some posts while I am away, as per usual....

Happy trails to you, until, we meet, again (and happy reddened tails)
bottoms up


watch what you ask for

Some people think spankings are just for fun.

However, beware what you ask for, as you may never know who she asks for advice when spanking you  aka: disciplinarywivesclub
and when next she beckons
well, all I can say is
sometimes, we learn that thinking this is a fun activity is NOT always true

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adventurous tuesdays

A somewhat random collection of different ideas that has a dominant woman and a submissive partner....

Has your wife ever had you lick your own climax out of her? This happens regularly if I climax in her first, because then I orally please her to her climax!  (but never been milked)
Be on your knees to her in public, with such a submissive position? Never doen this
Being naked and submissive in front of her friends? Only in my dreams
 however, I am certain many of my readers have done this (being naked over her  lap for a spanking)

Maybe you might like to comment about something that you have done as a submissive!

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the hair brush

Anyone interested in taking a photo of one of their  spanking implements and sending it to me privately would be appreciated. I can then post about specific people's favorite brush.

Amazingly, some people use it to brush their hair... but the look of amusement lets you know she is not intent on brushing her hair...
no mistaking what this brush is about to be used for
 and on who!!!
so when she sits on the chair, prepare yourself

The reasons it will be used are as varied as their are people
misbehavior gets spanked
enjoy your fate, (afterwards)
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beautiful when she is angry

A new tumblr has burst on the scene, and I think it is absolutely wonderful.. Gemma really has a way of putting words with pictures, that as she says are good for the office, as long as no one is close enough to read the words. These are samples from her site:

This is DEFINITIVELY appropriate for me, at times

Because, as this photo states, whenever any doubt existed and I was not spanked::
 and afterwards;
and this might happen to many men after they visit the beach

Gemma wrote to me: (I know this is a large amount of say nice things so he might post about my tumblr)
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spankster friday thoughts

fun thoughts
How people should dress!!!!
and it might just increase your lover's desires, besides your own
and as the lady says;
so enjoy life:
This beautiful perky woman is giving you a very NAU|GHTY suggestion
OH yes, remember to be spanked often (and try for some interesting positions like this woman
may you be lucky enough to be a man and have a wife say this to you
bottoms up