Spanknig thoughts for the day

Possibly, a man is careless DELIBERATELY

and when it finally happens later, you LEARN the reality that spankings hurt
she might ponder these words about your situation
Just consider yourself lucky that it happens, and doubly lucky if she enjoys spanking you, like this woman is enjoying the task...
and remember...
smile, imagine if you did this, and the spanking you would get when you get home! (your wife might even announce to the waitress that she intends to spank you as soon as we are home, and then add " he gets spanked regularly! Is that not correct, husband, or would you like to add lieing to your punishment.
bottoms up
The first three  and #5 pictures are from :



the view

A little fun collection of implements that will catch your attention
The belt is all you see
determination, and definite intimidation
 You are no longer looking at her eyes, and soon the bath brush will  get your real attention
waiting patiently for you to undress
your words will mostly be grunts and owwws
and now the party begins
your feet will dance
and your wife will smile
 but slowly you will learn how to be a better person
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Raised voice.. bottom spanked

I sometimes get anxious or frustrated, and respond by talking more forcefully. This might be due to the fact my hearing is not as clear as it once was, but still quite good.

It may also be a reaction to my years of officiating, where many times you have to project your voice  to be heard at a distance.

Cindy is fed-up with it, and has started her own method of curtailing this.

As all have already guessed, Cindy just now says "BARE YOUR BOTTOM", as she goes and picks up one of the wooden kitchen implement..
Bending over the kitchen counter, Cindy has learned to take her time, and make it a much more meaningful and effective spanking, so that I start to modify my ways.
This type of spanking seems to occur early in the morning, in the kitchen, when I am sometimes groggy and not fully  awake. I will have to re-think, and maybe take some time washing my face, and even shower, so that I am fully awake. I used to always shower first thing, shave, then go to breakfast, but that changed when I retired, as sometimes I might go to the gym, work in the garden, or other things that I would shower afterwards.
The spanking took a while! I was raising on my toes, and shifting position slightly with my bottom to maybe not have that spot spanked again. However, when the next spank landed, it was equally effective.

Slow learners get spanked often! 
The above statement also gets your ass bitten!
This also applies to when you get married!
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This brush will do the talking

I was remembering a song when seeing some captioned photos of women about to spank their partner...
The song : these boots are meant for walking, and that's just what they will do, and one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you..
This brush is meant for talking
and that's just what it does
and today is the day
this brush
will walk
all over your bottom

All captioned photos are from   http://zatilla.tumblr.com
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Be careful with your TUMBLR blog

It is sad,when all your fun goes up  in smoke,so to speak. My take on this is that some video that was posted was copyrighted, and that lead to the demise of a wonderful tumblr.  But really, almost every tumblr shows copyrighted material, all the time.

The author of spanked2tears wrote the following to me...

Dear Red,

I awoke this morning to an email from Tumblr stating that my F/M spanking blog, "Who's Sorry Now?" Had been terminated due to terms of service violations. With over 2500 postings and 5000 followers, I'm feeling gutted. I've appealed, but it seems hopeless. I just wanted to put out a note that I'll  try to rebuild under a new account when I have the time to do so.



I wish these ladies could have a few minutes with whoever canceled the tumblr stated above

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10,000,000 hits to this blog


I first started this blog on October 19, 2009

Since that post, their have been additional 1929 different posts, so it has been a work of love.

Many people have posted comments over the years, and some have been doing so for quite some time.I thank each and every person for taking the time by leaving a comment about their lifestyle in the spanking world

The title attracts many people, because most are looking for some version  of consensual spanking. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, might I say it attracts a more literate part of society, because spelling consensual is not easy.

There is a core of spanksters out there participating in The Thing We Do (TTWD), who enjoy all things spanking, and some enjoy reading and looking at pictures of the man predominately being spanked.

We are not that rare of a breed, as with google searches on domination for hire, the vast majority (if not almost exclusively) are women offering their services to spank people. Rarely will you find a man being hired to spank a woman. I imagine it is because so many men would volunteer to accept the task, that no woman would ever need to pay for the service required. [Note to all women readers: I will happily give you a spanking: just write privately to me, and I am certain Cindy will watch, then give me a very strong spanking after I have spanked you! That is a wonderful description of a WIN/WIN scenario.]

Using google stats from blogger for this blog, the top fourposts are
Dec 5, 2010, 74 comments


So whether you come here for the art
I intend to post about KDPIERRE, who has some great artwork,  and his main site is
It is late at night, and I hope I have it right now... more later..
The dominant photos where you have no choice but to submit
and can imagine yourself in one of the roles
The captions and cute female red bottoms
or the spankings
or my attempts at humor
fun thoughts... 
cute woman bodies flashing
This lady is just asking you to spank her
and a quick boob flash is fabulous
 so, whatever brings you to my blog, you can use me!

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the baring: being submissive

One should always have fun in life, so I quite enjoy this picture of a woman smiling while baring a man's bottom
although the man might not be smiling..
One must be acquiescing and submissive if you stay stationary, bent over, while ones bottom is being bared

|Of course, she may look you in the eye to show her control
and then tell you to keep looking forward while she enjoys looking at your cock, and maybe a few comments about it,
she might even be surprised at your erection when you know you are about to be spanked
but will simply change the paddle to her spanking hand, open her legs for you to tuck yourself between them when you bend over her knees,  because this spanking will be given
She may even be delighted to see your erection,as Cindy is, but then exclaim what a shame it is going to disappear as I spank you!!

This picture I love. A very sweet and sensual kiss, that says I love you, prior to the spanking!
The spanking is going to be REAL
The wooden bath brush will be EFFECTIVE
and by the time the spanking finally ends
Your erection will have long since disappeared
but always remember it can be revived.
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