come here

Two words that  cause your heartbeat to quicken

Come here…

let your imagination imagine what follows
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choose your implement

I wonder if

A: you are told to retrieve a specific spanking implement(s) for your partner to spank you with,
B: are you told that you should choose the implement(s) that you will be spanked with.

C: your partner goes and retrieves the implement as you wait to be summoned over the kne(or whatever position that your partner desires.
D: or are you requested to retrieve all the normal spanking implements, and bare yourself to below hte knees, and assume the position, and await your partner

What  is your normal routine?

Mine is usually that Cindy requests I get at least two implements, if it is to be a more formal spanking over the knee in our bedroom, whereas on the spot spankings are with whatever is closest at hand.

Your description of your normal practice would be great for others to read
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being held in place

There are many different methods to keep a person in place while being spanked! But first,a spank from the  past
I wonder how many takes it took to get this scene correct. I would imagine Ricky wanted a number of retakes, and this looks like an excellent method, whereas Lucy might even had enjoyed it

Maybe a firm hold of the hair on his head will work
but  a woman's ponytail is made to order
She is not going anywhere
or maybe
Sometimes the arm over her waist reduces the desire to flee
but a high straight back chair, where neither his hands nor his feet touch the ground, will certainly keep him helpless
however, going to the following extreme is rather difficult if you live in the city
the one leg lock is effective

certainly is effective with a bath brush
if needed, sit on his back while you tan his hide
possibly holding her hand behind her back removes the fleeing scenario, as her friend waits for her spanking
or have a friend giving a helping hand
however, if you are to be strongly spanked, the idea of fleeing simply means a far worse spanking when you finally return
 and your smile for today
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thoughts to amuse and entertain

Some days, don't you wish life was this easy
The thought
can always be done in another way
our needs are
 so spank us whenever you feel it will help the situation..
and remember, both men and women can be spanked
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fun spanking thoughts

I believe it is wonderful to be told you are going to be spanked, when you are out somewhere, and having fun, with absolutely no reason except your partner wants to spank you, and it is consensual! (even if it causes a quickening heartbeat)
In my mind, at least
So, my wish to everyone who drops by this blog!!!
Remember, you can always volunteer for a spanking
because some  women and some men know that they need their partner to be assertive
 and if you asked me, (and nobody has)
 bottoms up

and make certain the person responds appropriately afterwards


on the road again

Gone for one week of sunshine, heat, and cerveza...

 and I love this sign
 and, to keep some people busy while I am away
it worked for me, I read it twice...
Obviously, the blog is not being monitored
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Spanked by Cindy who Learned some extra ideas from Danielle

Cindy must have taken notes when I was spanked by Danielle, because my spankings are now truly spankings. Cindy has learned some new tricks of the trade, and is VERY EFFECTIVELY APPLYING THEM!

Only a few days after being home, Cindy was  upset about some of the things I had done, and decided to take corrective action.

I was told, seemingly out of the blue in my mind, to go to the bedroom and await her arrival. Out of the blue: what had I done????? Men are very unaware at times that they are displeasing their partner!

A short while later, Cindy arrived in the room, and promptly sat on the spanking chair, which I had moved into it's normal place when used for spanking.
I was told to retrieve two spanking implements, one leather, and one wooden to be used in spanking me. My mind thought of a wooden pencil and a rubber band, but the no nonsense attitude had me not even suggest it, but simply retrieve the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle, and the dwc "old Reliable'.

As an aside: while being spanked by Danielle, she once asked how I was doing,  and I commented :

" I was wondering: the trains have first and second class seating, but do they have a standing only fare"

this was answered by a really strong flurry of spanks with the wooden brush, with a reply by Danielle of something like 'still able to make jokes, but not for long". This was a long flurry of spanks, and were my feet dancing and I was wishing I had not tried for levity.

Well, the spanking started with only a few spanks by hand, on my bare bottom. Cindy once hurt a finger trying glancing spanks, so we both agree she should not use her hand.

The leather paddle started with gusto, and never slowed or stopped as the first onslaught had my feet dancing.

Cindy paused, and rubbed my bottom a little, in a soothing manner, and then restarted just as vigorously. The paddle reached into the crease between the cheeks, but attention was also paid to the crease, both above and below the crease, such that the back of the legs were well attended to.
Finally, Cindy stopped, but only to reach down for the wooden paddle. It is a very thick paddle, the size of a hair brush, slightly larger than most, and is only wood, no brush. This was applied slowly and effectively, and my bottom was on fire by the time Cindy stopped. My feet had done a few merry dances, and whenever the dancing became strong, Cindy would simply pause for me to settle down, and then begin again in a determined manner.

When Cindy finally stated that I could get up, I knew that I had been well spanked, and that Cindy had watched with interest and making mental notes while Danielle spanked me. It was almost like the photo above, with Danielle watching as Cindy spanked me!

I thanked Cindy. (and I thank Danielle).
Cindy and I made love later and it was glorious.

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love our lurkers Day 2

I really wonder if we need to do this on two days, when tradition has had it on one day. However, the logic may involve that people drop by maybe once or twice a week, and the post mgiht never actually be seen.
Thus, to keep in step with many spanking bloggers and wordpress bloggers,  or whatever platform they are using, I have changed my post, and am once again welcoming all lurkers

You might visit my blog, because I enthusiastically endorse CONSENSUAL SPANKING! A happy spanker is a happy household
 Many women agree with the following quote
whereas women also enjoy being spanked, so if it is consensual, maybe have fun and send her into the nearby woods to gather her own spanking implements
 and treat her bottom properly
remember to hug afterwards,and say you love each other, and the spankee should thank the spanker for their spanking
 so present your bare bottom, whenever it is requested
 and enjoy that warm or hot glow as you stand in the corner
 and be ready to accept a second round of spanks if she desires
If you have visited my blog, please feel free to leave a comment to just say hi.
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