F/M spanking tumblrs

I am always amazed when I click on links, to see just how many F/M spanking blogs exist on tumblr.
Only active for two months, but with a wonderful collection of focal point month of June photos
the shoe

http://monsieurclaudespank.tumblr.com has a mixture with a significant number of F/M, but also some other items designed for a different audience
she may be saying you are NEXT




Enjoy travelling the F/M spanking world also.
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humor- the difference between men and women

This cartoon is hilarious, as we see the difference between men and women!

Really, women always obsess about their weight, whereas men obsess about how great they look in the mirror
and, really, in looking at spanking blogs: when you see a picture: 

whose spanked bottom would you like to see?
Ronnie's (taken from her blog a long time ago) Marvellous

 or mine

Ronnie's absolutely wins the contest.

and another smile for today
and a thought to ponder
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August 8 is Consensual Spanking Day: : are You READY?

The idea of celebrating our love of spanking must have started on some site, but I have not been able to find the original idea posted somewhere. A few sites denote it as July 3rd, maybe fireworks beofre July 4th USA celebrations.

So, if you agree with a  CONSENSUAL SPANKING Day celebration, consider setting up a post for that day in advance, and scheduling the post to appear on August 8th
Here are some links to blogs and other sites that celebrate spanking that is consensual!



One site (not listed) disparages the idea that a separate day should exist to celebrate our fetish, and I do agree that any day is a good day for a spanking, but a special day for a special spanking is WONDERFUL!!!

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Recent events in a city called Kitchener in Ontario, Canada brings this topic once again to our awareness.


In 1991, Guelph student Gwen Jacobs was arrested while walking home from class topless, she was charged with committing an indecent act.
She fought the charge and won the right for all women in Ontario to expose their breasts.
Now, a police officer in the area told three women to cover up recently.
The topic is difficult.
Yes, women should be permitted to go topless, and not be ogled, but that is not the current society we live in.
However, this article is worth reading:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/27/free-the-nipple_n_6956978.html

 is the nipple partly covered allowed
here is Miley Cyrus

Facebook removes topless photos of women!
My viewpoint:
Women should be allowed to walk topless, anywhere that men  are permitted to walk topless.
However, men will interpret the action as exciting, at least in North America, but not nearly so much in Europe, where topless at the beach is quite normal, and nude beaches are commonplace.
Live and let live, without imposing your standards on everyone.

In terms of spanking:
I have decided to show my bared spanked bottom at times. My bottom used to be much firmer in my youth, as with everyone else. The reason is to show that the spankings are real, and not just models on websites that have beautiful bodies are spanked.
I challenge all other spanking bloggers  to post a photo (maybe even regularly) of their spanked bottom, either bare, or while wearing a thong, or see through panties. If you do, send me a link to the post, and I will include it in a future post

.All of our bodies are not fashion model beautiful, but each and everyone of us is beautiful...

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being undressed for a spanking (admiring the view)

If the gaze lingers
or with a lingering gaze
the spanking will be even more enthusiastic
when you are over her knee
and she intends to prove she was not distracted
as you hoped would happen
rest assured, the finger will soon point where you are wanted
and as the brush descends
the dance will begin
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being undressed for a spanking (not looking at the view)

A determined woman, intent on spanking you
has no interest in your  manhood
She may completely ignore it
or intently look you in the eye
emphasizing her control over you
even better if she looks at her friend while pulling your underwear down
but if she truly wants to ignore it, she will simply have you over her knee when she lowers ypour underwear.
hope you are enjoying the prep
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