how to use pillows

This set of fun spanking photos
shows some of the best methods
for using pillows on the bed
and the view is quite spectacular
the sequence
down go the pants
pillows at a perfect height
kneeling, but supported by pillows
a time of reflection
well done
how  are you positioned if you are spanked on the bed?
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spanking thoughts

another short post
 so whether you want/ need to spank him to keep life happy (or at his request)
or he wants/needs to spank her to keep life happy ( or at her request)
 and when I saw this I immediately thought of Ronnie, Hermione, Jan and Bonnie
do have fun in life, and always remember be TACTFUL

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a trip down memory lane

You may be old enough to remember photos like these
The infamous JOKARI PADDLE
 and this metal hairbrush might send CHILLS (or is it thrills) through your mind
You quite possibly might have purchased one of these magazines
and been awed by the words "HUSBAND SPANKING"
 of course, the photos were awe inspiring
and you just couldn't imagine being spanked for REAL by one of these ladies
but as we have aged, we wish it might happen just once by the following lady.
so pleasant dreams (corner time in the sixties)
and your daily smile

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panties - adventurous Tuesdays

Some of my readers are males who enjoy wearing panties.  I enjoy wearing them at times, as it totally changes the mood and gives a delicious naughty feeling.
Here are some captioned ideas, which shows that at least a small percentage of males enjoy the erotic thrill and/or domination if you see it that way.

If it is another reason you become erect, then you can see your wife saying something of this nature:
You might object, but without having to spank you, you will quickly acquiesce
We do have some matching panties in differing sizes, which are fun to purchase together at Victoria's Secret  (i imagine the sales woman can guess they are his and hers)
As the joke goes:
One man asks his male friend: When did you start wearing panties
His response: after my wife found a pair under the front seat of my car...

Some of the reasons I sometimes put on panties is that nylon, lace, or fine cotton , is much softer and more sensual than the usual coarse cotton of men's underwear. They are also designed to fit snugly on your bottom, which is a focal point for anyone who enjoys spankings. If wearing them, I usually wear them backwards, thus giving more support in front, and a more erotic feel in the back.

Questions for male readers:
Do you ever wear panties, and if so, how often?

If your wife asked you to wear a pair of panties as a prelude to making love, would you?

your opinion on males wearing panties

I am male, and have worn panties
I am male, and have NEVER worn panties
I am male, and would wear panties if my partner asked

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spanking and sex art

Just a fun post to have you enjoying two ideas at the same time
This could be the start of a fun threesome
wheras licking your wife while she spanks you could be fun
unless strangers see you when you are outdoors
 so enjoy the thought
 Have you ever been spanked while fondling or licking your partner?
 different meanings to one idea are always possible

I believe all this art belongs to Bill Ward.
and remember to enjoy the views wherever you travel this summer,
whether to the beach
or the mountains

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never keep a woman wating

 A sign that might indicate you are in trouble, is if you see her waiting at the window

and she comes to open the door before you have gotten to the door
and opens it for you

the look in her eye makes you glance at her hands, and now you know why!
and, rest assured, she will wait while you undress and hang up your clothes, before she spanks you, but any delaying will only increase the intensity of your spanking.

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