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F/M pictures: how to control your man

In keeping with the theme that many of my readers are of the F/M persuasion, but I also love any spanking combinations...
so let him know what is about to happen
be in charge by preparing him for his spanking
sit comfortably in whatever room of the house you intend to spank him..
and then don't stop until you are satisfied with your work...
Remember to make certain to have him display your efforts on his behalf in making him a better person.Happy Spankings


  1. Hi Red,

    That first picture certainly speaks volumes about a F/m relationship. Being kept exclusively in panties and subject to a sore red bottom at her whim, I'm really drawn to it. As you may know, my D is away for work. I like that picture so much I am going to email it to her.

    Men kept in panties certainly seems to be a very common thing in a femdom relationship. I have often wondered for what reasons dominant women make men wear them. Actually I think that will be the next topic of my own blog.

  2. J: Glad you liked the pictures.. Look forward to reading your thoughts..

  3. Loved the fourth photo down, any idea where it came from? The amateur pics are always the best...

  4. anon: sorry, but no idea.. although ones fate seems pretty clear


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