spanked the night before leaving

We have packed both tawses, and the wooden bath brush, so we are ready for the road.

however, to calm the waters, and lessen anxiety  the night before leaving, it was a bare bottom over the knee for a effective many, many spanks with the infamous wooden "BODY SHOP" bath brush.
(Her bottom is more interesting to look at than mine)
It packs a WALLOP, and i will certainly remember it while on the airplane tomorrow.
Cindy is now relaxed, and smiling from ear to ear. (This spanking was hard, but did not make me hard)

bottoms up


  1. I have one of those Body Shop bath brushes. So far only used it twice. It is very effective and I can't wait to use it again. :)


  2. Hope you have an awesome trip and your flight is not too uncomfortable, Red. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. If Cindy is happy and relaxed, that is all that matters, Red

  4. Hi Red, The last time I wrote I told you about the paddle I got from my MIL to use on my husband on our wedding night. Well I have spanked him on a regular basis since then and so has his mother. I have a traveling job and sometimes I am gone for a couple of days I found out that my husband was being a very naughty boy when I was gone. So now when I travel I enlist his mother to baby sit him. I know he will get at least one good spanking and he really happy to see me. Janet

  5. Yorkie; it is only intended for male bottoms..
    Cat: thanks for the good wishes, and they have relatively soft seats.
    Baxter: very true
    Janet: sounds great. thanks for sharing
    bottoms up


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